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Apps list (excluding previously referenced!)
Comic Life 5CHF
Strip Design 3CHF
Pic collage free
Popplet lite (limited to 1 but good to try it out then buy the paid version later perhaps?)
(Popplet (full version) costs 5CHF and the link is
Skitch free
Puppet Pals HD Directors pass 3CHF

Slides of ideas

Explain Everything
  • Energy for work and play (Gr5) - learners explain one type of energy - use/impact/sources
  • Marketplace (Gr4) - explain supply and demand in their own words to show they understand
  • Paint me a picture (Gr3) - take a work of art - explain how it makes them feel; indicate parts that they like / dislike etc
  • Just imagine (Gr1) - provide an image and learners talk about the story; what they think is happening, what happened before/after, what will happen next etc
  • What was it like when you were young? (K) - create 'movies' of then and now, explaining what's happening in images

Book Creator
  • Family histories (Gr3) - real family or imaginary family history; the story of a toy/heirloom and how it's travelled between generations
  • Just imagine! (Gr1) - exploring a story; recount what's happened; talk about favourite bits; narrate images that they've drawn
  • Legacies (Gr5) - past civilisations - create an information book for younger learners

Comic Life
  • Off the drawing board (Gr4) - tell the story of an inventor or invention; learners put themselves in the place of the inventor.
  • Working it out (Gr2) - look at different points of view using speech bubbles
  • Reduce reuse recycle (Gr5) - persuasive poster about RRR

Puppet Pals HD
  • Working it out together (Gr2) - appreciating different feelings and thoughts
  • Animals and their babies (K) - use farmyard scene to introduce baby animals
  • I believe (Gr5) - choose a character and voice beliefs

Pic collage
  • Different faces, different places (Gr2) - collage of "what makes me me" - then put into EE or iMovie and voiceover in their language
  • I believe (Gr5) - collage of beliefs and symbols
  • Ecosystems (Gr4) - collect images for discussion
  • Let's play! (K) - toys and games - then put in EE to voice explanations/thoughts

  • Workplaces (Gr2) - bring together text, images, video websites
  • Off the drawing board (Gr4) - research inventor - map/images/text/reflect on their role in history
  • Health and wellbeing (Gr3) - balanced menu / lifestyle

  • Going places (K) - collect images and do commentary on a journey
  • Public places (Gr1) - trailer for a swimming pool/ tour of local area - voiced by learners
  • Health and well being (Gr3) - commercial for healthy living
  • Creative I (Gr4) - collect together evidence of all aspects - art, poetry, movement, music - in a movie

Tutorials (for those not already referenced)