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iMovie tutorials
iMovie tutorial
iMovie trailers tutorial
Export to Vimeo - or Vimeo app. Allows you to set privacy to select who views it.

Book Creator app
Book Creator website - lots of ideas including the latest news on features and developments in the pipeline
Book Creator in the classroom how might you use it in the classroom

To read on a PC/Mac, you need Google Chrome and Readium - here's what to do!
Combine books - on one device or across several - here's how

Ideas for using linked to PYP

iMovie trailers
Advertise a forthcoming production or the Grade 5 Exhibition event (either whole thing or individual sections)
Create the trailer for a Unit - either teacher created to entice learners at the start or by learners for the next year's learners
Take a well known story and create a trailer to encourage people to read the book.
"Sell" something - a form of energy, an artist, a religion, ISW - by creating a trailer

Gather ideas at the start of a unit - I know, I think, I wonder - and revisit at the end
Create a news report using the News or CNN template - on an incident in a book, an event in history, weekly events, am excursion etc
Record and celebrate an event - e.g. camp at the start of the year
Create an alternative ending to a story.

Book Creator
Create vocabulary books for younger learners with image, word and audio - also good for EAL learners
Write story books based on a model e.g. rewrite Dear Zoo choosing different animals and adjectives, or The very Hungry Caterpillar using different food.
Record learning in a Unit as a book - include images, text, videos, hyperlinks and so on. Join individual books to make a class book (all learners send their books to a shared Dropbox - open all individual books on 1 iPad and then combined into one)
Make an information book for new pupils with introductions to places, people and procedures at ISW