Ideas and resources from Lisa's session

University of Leicester 4th April 2011

Firstly - here's the Linoit I started on Twitter to pool ideas - you might want to add some of your own!

And here's my presentation!

Teachers TV clips

Online communities (inc Voki, Audacity, Voicethread)
Podcasting in the classroom


Use -

  • to encourage speaking
  • to describe animals
  • for presentations
  • as an alternative to Voki

eg Falkirk Primary Schools


Use -

  • to individualise speaking tasks
  • for speaking activities in MFL
  • for checking accuracy of spelling in MFL
  • to share poetry
  • to introduce projects / websites etc

eg WCPS wikispace


Use -

  • collaboration across classes / groups
  • ICU (intercultural understanding)
  • sharing ideas and opinions
  • assessing learning

eg Interesting ways ....


  • to record for free!
  • for sound effects for a poem
  • to reorder stories
  • to rehearse and refine
  • to record soundfiles for others to use
  • to publish and podcast

eg more ideas from Glow

Powerpoint narration


  • to support non specialist
  • to practice intonation, rhythm, rhyme
  • to tell stories from a set of pictures



  • Easispeaks - mobile, easy to use, USB v helpful
  • Talking postcards - great for talking displays, messages
  • Sound shuffles - sorting exercises
  • Talktrackers - talk topic - what are they saying?
  • Talking tins/pegs - order vocabulary items; match alphabet
  • puppy - pass the puppy