Let out for good behaviour

Games ideas from TES - very long list of games to play (mostly inside but can be adapted)
compiled from TES Forum and Talkabout Primary MFL
Running dictation holidays in Spanish

Bench game - line up on bench in a certain orderStuck in the mud - in order to be set free, you need to answer a question or say something about the 'libertador'
Abuelita ¿Qué hora es? La marelle
Streetplay ideas Spanish German
Charades with vocabulary / sentences
International games ideas from Unicef

Use chalk

Horse racing game
Draw and describe
Chalk pavement games especially like Bounce messaging, Word for word game, Do the Math hopscotch
Video of chalk games - v simple. Especially like the 'Chalk a story / graphic score idea'

Assault courses

'Assault the course', then learners describe what they did
Blindfolded, guided by a partner
Call your partner - partner must speak in TL but not give directions until their partner reaches them.

QR codes Create with images - Visualead - free with adverts
Create using QRStuff Kaywa (web based) post it notes here
Read with iNigma (multi platform) Read and create QR Classic (multi platform -e.g. 69p iOS)
QR code Easter Hunt - thanks KeldaMy Swiss QR code quiz
Scavenger huntsSearch for shapesAlphabet hunt, with or without a listSpecific vocabulary (similar to the Easter QR hunt)Scavenger to make simple sheetsRiddles for clues Spanish to make Rebus in FrenchAnimal riddle hunt

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 11.46.28.pngHuntzz app
German prepositions - learners making own videos to demonstrate e.g. grammar pointswith thanks to MrGorse! see also Les meilleures vacances de ma vie

Placespotting examples
Virtually escape
eTwinning - read more here
Google maps/StreetviewVincent Everett's genius work at Northgate - download them here
ToursFollow the example of Gotham Guides in New YorkBillboard poetry

Be inspired by outdoors