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Useful links

DfE - view National Curriculum in England: languages progammes of study (sic) As a PDF here

Rachel Hawkes - document comparing KS2 and KS3 aims
Article "The impact of the new National Curriculum on language teaching"

Clare Seccombe's blog - Curriculum compliance

Bricklaying for beginners - Building firm foundations - Language World 2010

animal symphony - exploring rhythm, phonemes, syllables; also phoneme hoops
stories - see below - repetition and joining in are very important.
La oruga hambrienta
(tengo hambre; numbers, fruit, days of week) /
La petite poule rouge
(pas moi/moi/moi non plus) (thanks Rubiales!) /
Die drei kleinen schweinchen
(TES - decafftea)
song/rhyme - Debajo de un botón - clap ton stamp tin
Eins zwei drei, Polizei - count the ei /ie
Using video/audio as starter to lesson eg ¿Cuántos años tienes? (see below)


conversations - role play

trapdoor as way towards sentence speaking

"stress punching"

phonics v impt - see RH's site also PinterestThis video uses Rachel's slides - what it is missing is the gestures associated - see Rachel's blog for those!
Rachel Hawkes - "key to non-specialist confidence - sound phonic knowledge, sound example"

Quiz Quiz Trade - a Kagan game

Rhabarberbarbara - very funny tongue twister/joke on German compound words!


Article on Algarabía - eg ¿Por qué los cometas tienen cola?
Reading is Fundamental e.g.el cuento de las figuras El gorila amarillo
La pelota dorada - insert your own names!

De quelle couleur est ta culotte
Tú ¿qué quieres ser?
Non-fiction books - ¿Por qué....? books

Doña Pitu Piturra (poem)

Los Planetas (left - subtitles in Sp; right - subtitles in Sp and also "widgets"/pictograms)

Das Fliegerlied (voyage kids - UK-German Connection) - great for actions, animals and adjectives, actions and also cultural information

example of Padletfor decoding text


High Frequency Words - Val Thornber's article for ALL

what should we include at KS2 - Spanish - discussion and suggested content
Encouraging writing - whiteboards - small cards - post its - sand - hands/backs
iPads - repetition of structures eg me gusta pero no me gusta; eBooks

write own stories from models e.g. Sr Cabeza Naranja, Oso Marrón
writing mini books / posters / letters / labels for around school

poetry - Rojo como ..... Wallwisher of La primavera

highlighting texts - highlight all nouns in German text; compare English and Spanish text - look at word order

human sentences - physically putting words in order

word pyramids - up levelling a phrase into a longer sentence

grammar games -Toolsforeducators
board games and dice / pronoun dice

Verb flowers/spiders - Claire Hampson/Suzi Bewell

Clare’s game me llamo ….. Me gusta ……… -
Singing verbs - Conjugations back Spanish conjugations to Usher OMG Spanish conjugation style Mark Pentleton on the metro être /avoir
Songs! Nage nage poisson Peux-tu marcher comme un canard Potion