Enhancing Primary Language Learning through Technology.
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Searching for images
Creative Commons searches - in Google, click on Search tools and then usage rights. Also useful for choosing correct size of image as well as type (clipart, photo, line drawing etc)
Alternatively you can use https://search.creativecommons.org which is now becoming https://newsearch.creativecommons.org/ to find an image that you can use. (NB Public domain means you can use freely without saying where the image comes from)
Pixabay offers free to use images, often with no need for attribution
The Noun Project has icons that are free to use - these are the images used in Adobe Spark Video

Organising thoughts
Popplet - a mind mapping tool. Both online and an app (Poppet lite is free to use but you can only make one Popplet at a time; paid version is £3.99). Free to use online .
Also Bubbl.us

Padlet (used to be called Wallwisher) - online post it note wall. You can add images, text, videos without a log in; possible to make 'padlets' private (by invitation) or password protected as well as public. Great for collating ideas. See examples - Why use technology? Colegio Esperanza and La Primavera
Latest one collects together pupils PicCollage - ¿Come más o menos?

Social media
Twitter - see my presentation on Twitter. Slides 36 and 45 have some very useful links to tutorials and articles on how and when to use Twitter, both for yourself and in class.
I'm @lisibo if you want to follow me! And never forget the #mfltwitterati

Also Primary Languages UK list

Facebook - Languages in Primary Schools aka LiPS - a vibrant community of language teachers sharing their ideas, questions and experiences. Worth joining Facebook just for this!

Other sources of support
Association for Language Learning offers support as well as resources and Primary Hubs(blue flags on the map)
ALL Connect resources are free to use with attribution - see the blog for resources

Ideas and resources - some websites to consider:
Schemes of work and resources for KS1 and 2 (and beyond) in French and Spanish

Northern Ireland Curriculumhttp://www.nicurriculum.org.uk/microsite/pl/index.asp Resources on themes including sound files

See http://www.pinterest.com/lisibo/primary-language-resource-sites/ for more recommendations that are predominantly aimed at KS2 but contain helpful ideas and resources for KS1 and even EYFS.

cBeebies Lingo Show - http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/lingo-show/
Specifically for preschool and young learners, features 9 languages

BBC Primary Languageshttp://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primarylanguages/
French, Spanish and Mandarin resources, sound files and games

Song stories, crafts, celebrations

Tête à modelerhttp://www.teteamodeler.com
making things!

Uptoten http://www.uptoten.com/?cl=fr&
Home of Boowa and Kwala – in French and English
Peut-tu marcher comme un canard? Les couleurs

Primera Escuelahttp://www.primeraescuela.com
Colouring, worksheets, crafts

Enchanted Learninghttp://www.enchantedlearning.com/themes/spanish.shtml
Lots of ideas and resources NB some need subscription

Consejería de Educaciónhttp://bit.ly/1hQeh8I
(link to their resources – posters are lovely)

GenkiGerman http://www.genkienglish.net/learntospeakgerman/index.htm
Fun songs and games (also GenkiJapan and GenkiKorean)

VoyageKids http://www.ukgermanconnection.org/kids-home-uk
Songs, games, culture and fun

Felix und Franzi

Multilingual / ICU

Digital dialectshttp://www.digitaldialects.com

Vocabulary games for 70 different languages

Tongue twistershttp://www.uebersetzung.at/twister/index.htm

Newbury Parkhttp://www.newburypark.redbridge.sch.uk/langofmonth/

Excellent site with children teaching you their language

Infographics often appear on http://www.earlylanguages.com and also see http://www.pinterest.com/lisibo/multilingual/

Schoolslinks http://www.schoolslinks.co.uk/resources_dl.htm have lots of mulitlingual posters to download

Blogs you might find useful:

MFL Storybird wikispacehttp://mfl-storybirds.wikispaces.com

French storieshttp://www.pinterest.com/lisibo/french-stories/
Spanish storieshttp://www.pinterest.com/lisibo/spanish-storytelling/
Other languageshttp://www.pinterest.com/lisibo/stories-other-languages/

Classroom tools for organising
Classtools - timer, random name picker, also Fakebook, customisable timer, QR code generator for treasure hunts, dustbin game, Only Connect
ToolsforEducators - make board games, bingo cards, worksheets see blogposts for ideas and explanation

Sylvia Duckworth - explanation Flipboard
Some of my attempts are on my blog

Making mixed up animals
Build your wildselfScreen Shot 2015-06-15 at 21.08.11.png
Switchzoo website and also an app (free with 26 animals, expands to 142 for £2.29)
Authentic sites
Palmyre Zoo (Fr, Eng)
Barcelona Zoo (Sp, Cat, Eng)

Zürich Zoo (Fr, Ger, It, Eng!)
Talking animals
Morfo Booth (free app - can be upgraded)
Voki (online tool)
my example!
Aurasma app - augmented reality - make talking posters - tutorial

Making links
eTwinning http://www.etwinning.net/en/pub/index.htm


eLanguages http://www.elanguages.org

British Council Schools Online http://schoolsonline.britishcouncil.org
for making links with other schools and countries


WordSalad (app is free but has watermark if you save it unless you pay) see here for explanation

Writing and images
PicCollage - free app - very versatile, intuitive and fun! tutorial
*don't forget to change your keyboard on your iPad/iPod to 'correct' the right language!*
Don't despise Word and Powerpoint - they're still great for practising writing!

TTS - lots of speaking and listening resources to purchase - can be used across the school eg use talking postcards for interactive displays; talking tins or pegs for phonics

Vocaroo online recording that produces a URL that can be shared via email or embedded in a website, or turned into a QR code.
Voki (see above)
Audacity free downloadable sound recording software for recording and editing audio

Tellagami free app (can buy extras but not necessary) creates a speaking avatar - 30 second limit - that can be shared to Camera Roll and also as a URL - tutorial
YakitKids free app to animate anything into short videos - can then save to Camera Roll - tutorial
SockPuppets free app (can buy extras) - can change pitch of voice - tutorial
PuppetPals HD free app but worth buying the Directors Pass £2.99 if you are going to use it lots. There's also Puppet pals 2 - School edition which works slightly differently - tutorial HD tutorial PP2

Book Creator app
Book Creator website - lots of ideas including the latest news on features and developments in the pipeline
Book Creator in the classroom how might you use it in the classroom
To read on a PC/Mac, you need Google Chrome and Readium - here's what to do!
Combine books - on one device or across several - here's how

Book Creator for Chrome has arrived!

Book Creator for Chrome from Book Creator on Vimeo.

Create vocabulary books for younger learners with image, word and audio - also good for EAL learners
Write story books based on a model e.g. rewrite Dear Zoo choosing different animals and adjectives, or The very Hungry Caterpillar using different food.
Record learning in a Unit as a book - include images, text, videos, hyperlinks and so on. Join individual books to make a class book (all learners send their books to a shared Dropbox - open all individual books on 1 iPad and then combined into one)

Create a digital portfolio
Make an information book for new pupils with introductions to places, people and procedures at your school

Adobe Voice tutorial

QR codes
Create with images - Visualead - free with adverts
Create using QRStuff Kaywa (web based) post it notes here Also a QR code creator on Classtools
Read with iNigma (multi platform) Read and create QR Classic (multi platform -e.g. 69p iOS)
QR code Easter Hunt - thanks Kelda
My Swiss QR code quiz
QR codes in the classroom article

Instant assessment
Plickers app to read them download the app to your iPod/Pad/Phone, print out the cards (free!) and have instant feedback on questions posed tutorial
Socrative student and teacher apps - pupils join your room and answer questions - teacher receives feedback tutorial instructions
Kahoot pupils complete quizzes using mobile devices and can compete against colleagues on the board examples - quiz Schwytzerdütsch

Language learning apps
Memrise online and app for learning languages (and more!) using 'memes' e.g. associating images or mnemonics tutorial
Duolingo - online or app (not linked unfortunately) - I'm learning Swedish! You can set goals and compete against others if you want

design features of iPad

Evaluating apps excellent post featuring app evaluation rubrics and simple yes/no checklists

ADE iTunesU course (mostly free) on engaging reluctant learners using a variety of apps.
app lists (2013)