Resources and materials referenced at TASIS.

Vision and planning
Primary Pad - our communal notebook for sharing!
Materials for exemplification and best practice.Cedars School of Excellence - the first 1 to 1 iPad school in the world.

Central Elementary School - how a school transformed its thinking about teaching and learning as a result of incorporating iPod touch and how fluency scores increased well beyond expectations.

Why iPad? - why there can no longer be a debate about using iPads and other mobile devices.
"Principles of learning - A foundation for transforming K-12 Education" - 6 core principles of learning
Dr Ruben Puentedura
Best practiceJeanetta Mitchell's 8th grade algebra class is transformed with iPad (slideshow)Public elementary school in Chicago integrates iPad into first and second grade (blog)Bowes Primary School gets the reading bug with iPad (case study)Essa Academy - every child has an iPod touch and every teacher has an iPad (news report) and Abdul Chohan talks in 2011 about the school's journeyHurstpierpoint College use iPads for independent learning (case study)

Mobile devices
design features of iPad

Apple Education app list Appitic - a list of apps drawn up by ADEsTMadeEasy - Technology made easy in Education - apps with reviews
Apps used in Newspaper task
  • Safari - information, images
  • Photos - camera roll
  • Notes - to take notes!
  • Maps - location, screenshot
  • Photobooth/Camera - images and video
  • Pages - create news report

Content creation apps used
Notabilitity 1 Notability 2
Vocre 1,Vocre 2, Vocre 3
Socrative tutorial
Explain Everything tutorialNearpod websiteDragon Dictation app tutorialEdmodo app tutorialEvernote tutorial