iPads in the Primary classroom for language learning.
Basel 25th October 2012

Presentation slides

Why iPads and mobile learning?Why iPad? - why there can no longer be a debate about using iPads and other mobile devices.

"Principles of learning - A foundation for transforming K-12 Education" - 6 core principles of learning

Dr Ruben Puentedura


design features of iPad

Finding apps Apple Education app list
Appitic - a list of apps drawn up by ADEs
TMadeEasy - Technology made easy in Education - apps with reviews
TeachDifferent.ch/de and TeachDifferent.ch/fr - Swiss iPad information and app recommendations

Apps used in taskSafari - information, images
Photos - camera roll
Notes - to take notes!
Maps - location, screenshot
Photobooth/Camera - images and video
Pages - create the report

TutorialsNotabilitity 1 Notability 2
Vocre 1, Vocre 2, Vocre 3 Socrative tutorial
Explain Everything tutorial
Nearpod website
Dragon Dictation app tutorial
Edmodo app tutorial
Evernote tutorial

Simple English wikipedia - for children, and adults learning English
Pics4learning.com - copyright free images for education