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Finding apps (general)
Apple Education app list
Appitic a list of apps drawn up by ADEs with evaluations
TMadeEasy Technology made easy in Education - apps with reviews
Evaluating apps excellent post featuring app evaluation rubrics and simple yes/no checklists
Apps - AppsGoneFree, AppShopper
Crowd sourced list - what's your favourite iPad app 4 Edu and why?

My essential app suggestions
in built features e.g camera roll
Dropbox (free) - for sharing files between devices
Moxier Collage (2CHF) / Pic Collage (free)- for making collages/posters/moodboards etc
Popplet (Lite is free / 5CHF for paid version) - for mind mapping
Whiteboard (free) - for doodling/writing on
Book Creator (5CHF) - for making stories, books, documenting journeys
Notability (2CHF) / Pages (10CHF) - for making notes inc pictures and sound (N)
Explain Everything (3CHF) - for explaining everything - teacher and student!
iBooks - free

Tutorials and ideas!
Moxier Collage
Book creator
Book Creator in the classroom
Explain everything
Explain everything - adding web browser
Notabilitity 1
Notability 2

Using iPads in Primary Science Also look at side bar (left) for other posts that may be of interest.
iPad posters - great to remind learners of the rules!
Content creation apps with examples.