ZIS October 22nd 2012
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iPad Training:Using what you've got

Moxier Collage
Comic Life
iMovie (not trailers)
Book creator
iMovie (trailers)
Book Creator in the classroom
Puppet Pals in the elementary classroom
Example of using Puppet Pals - 2nd Grade retelling of the Prodigal Son
Puppet Pals - Grade 1 example
Explain everything
Explain everything - adding web browser
Slides link to video clip!

Apps shared by colleagues

Explain Everything
Errands - organiser
Diigo- bookmarks
DIY.org - creative portfolio app to share projects

Useful sites
iPad in Education all about iPads in an educational context
Digital Roadtrip also helpful advice and videos on mobile technology
102* ways to use an iPad in the classroom crowdsourced ideas and tips

list of videocasts on teaching using iPads.

Finding apps (general)
Apple Education app list
Appitic a list of apps drawn up by ADEs with evaluations
TMadeEasy Technology made easy in Education - apps with reviews
Evaluating apps excellent post featuring app evaluation rubrics and simple yes/no checklists

Interesting articles
An iPad School - top ten tips from Essa Academy
The iPad and your soldiers - ten tips for personalised learning An interesting article matching an app to different types of learners
Why iPad?- why there can no longer be a debate about using iPads and other mobile devices.

Useful ideas
Creating book trailers with iPads
Book Creator in Lower School

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